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Dr. Feldman provides comprehensive diagnostic evaluations for individuals with concerns related to autism spectrum disorder, anxiety, mood disorders, learning differences, inattention, hyperactivity, and/or cognitive difficulty. Evaluations consist of a diagnostic interview to learn more about presenting concerns. Then, behavior assessments, observations and interactions, and/or cognitive and adaptive measures are used to gather psychological data. Results are reviewed and conceptualized by Dr. Feldman and then thoroughly shared with the client along with diagnoses and recommendations.



Dr. Feldman uses supportive interactions and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT) strategies to help clients alleviate symptoms of co-occurring psychological conditions that often accompany neurodiversity.


For many neurodiverse individuals, transitioning to adulthood is a challenging and uncertain time. This adjustment can be stressful for the individual and their family. Dr. Feldman provides consultations based on fourteen years of experience working with autistic youth and their families. Consultations consist of a review of records, psychoeducation about what adulthood can look like for autistic individuals, and tailored recommendations.

Services are self-pay but clients are provided a detailed receipt that can be submitted to insurance for potential reimbursement
Now accepting University of Utah insurance plans! 

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